About Darren Gristwood

DC MAO (Hons) Osteomyologist

I am a Holistic Therapist

I treat the person not just the symptoms. I use integrated science backed therapies to look at the emotional/psychological and structural defects that cause physical pain.

I believe that structure governs function and function governs structure. Therefore, if your muscular or skeletal frame is structurally imbalanced, it will affect the way it functions. Likewise, if you are not functioning properly (mentally) then it will cause physiological changes at a cellular level effecting both function and structure.

I also believe that a structural/physical problem is often a manifestation of an emotional condition. So, you need to consider the state of the patient’s mind or ‘life state’ when looking at reoccurring physical problems. Therefore, to get to the crux of a physical problem, we must work on the structure (muscles, bones, and nerves) AS WELL AS consider the individuals personal circumstances. This is working holistically. I treat the cause of a physical problem. This is an Osteomyologist. The way you work, sit, stand, sleep, walk or play takes its toll on your body every day. I help you find out what it is you have done, or are doing, that is causing you to feel pain.  I can then give you the solution and way around it. This is a vital element to getting better.

DC MAO (Hons) Osteomyologist

“What is it that heals the finger? Is it the bandage or whatever ointment is applied to the wound? Of course not, it is the body. The human body is self-repairing, self-healing and self-maintaining.”

Dhammapada the Buddha

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