My career in healthcare started 30 years ago after breaking my back in a car accident. I spent 18 months in intensive physiotherapy, endless epidurals and eventually underwent spinal surgery. Although my back had been repaired using all NHS options, I was unable to work and still in considerable pain. I was referred to various Chiropractors and Osteopaths who applied their skills for over a year with minimal affect. My career in tatters and emotionally exhausted I almost gave up. I became a Buddhist in that year which fixed me mentally. I was also introduced to a  ‘Holistic Chiropractor’ who fixed me holistically. This changed my life.

I then went on a 7-year journey travelling and living in South East Asia. It was here I learnt the Eastern philosophy behind physical/emotional pain. I studied with various Guru’s that enabled me to develop the technique I use today. On returning to England I became my mentors apprentice and studied at Oxford College of Chiropractic/Mctimoney Corley, qualifying for my DC in 2000AD and took over my mentors’ practice when he retired that year. My second practice opened in Reading’s Rivermead Sports Centre in April 2000, opening a third clinic in Reading town centre 18 months later. I worked from the Church Grange Surgery in Basingstoke for nearly 8 years before opening the Gristwoodmills Clinic in Bramley with my wife in October 2007.

Over the last 10 years my practice has changed, working more with the emotional/psychological aspects of therapy using neurolinguistics and emotional counselling. I started Gristwoodmills (corporate) in 2010. We have been running the Gristwoodmills Clinic as a private practice from our home at Biddesden Farmhouse for the last 9 years.

“What is now proved was once impossible”

William Blake

Spinal &Holistic Healthcare

GristwoodMills Clinic
Biddesden Farmhouse • Rooksdown Lane • Basingstoke • Hampshire • RG24 9NT

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